About Us


Welcome to The Irish School of Shamanic Studies, offering 12 months fully certified Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher courses. Based in Atlantis Holistic Store Castlebar, Co.Mayo, with classes held nationwide. Easy pay plan available.

At the Irish School of Shamanic Studies, we believe that the ancient tradition of Irish Shamanism is one of the richest Shamanic cultures on our planet.  At this time of global uncertainty and Spiritual malaise, we feel that the time has come, once again, for all peoples to explore and adopt our birthright in the ancient practices and philosophies of the Irish Shaman.

Our bodies, our communities and indeed our world, have become, ‘out of balance with the natural order’.  This gives rise to personal illness, dysfunction and a lack of connection with our ever-present Spiritual allies.  This is where the Shamanic Practitioner excels, providing healing, insight and balance.  The Shamanic practitioner believes in the ‘path of direct revelation’, in other words, we connect with our Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angelic Helpers and Power Animals in an attempt to rectify imbalances and seek guidance and healing.

We have developed a centre of excellence in Shamanic practice at the Irish School of Shamanic Studies and wholeheartedly believe in fostering the Spiritual and practical skills of the Shamanic apprentice.  Our Practitioner’s Courses offer a profound and comprehensive training in the ancient techniques of Shamanic Spiritual connection, divination and healing.

We have structured our Practitioner’s Course to facilitate, not only those who have certain knowledge of the Shamanic path, but also the complete novice.  Our Practitioners training is structured into three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Shamanic Practice.  Each level of the Practitioner’s course has four modules and will concentrate on the wisdom of the ancient Shamans, the powerful nature of their Spiritual connection, practical Shamanic skills and the place of the Shamanic Practitioner in the 21st Century world.

The quality of any Shamanic Practitioner is dependent on their connection to Spirit and this is achieved through the age-old technology of the ‘Shamanic Journey’, this is the central feature throughout all our Shamanic training.  Also, we believe in providing training in the practical skills of the Shamanic Practitioner, including Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing and Shamanic Psychopomp work, amongst others, and fostering the Spiritual development and Soul path of the apprentice Shamanic Practitioner.

These Courses not only provides training to the apprentice Shamanic Practitioner, but also offers a platform for those who are exploring their Spirituality and are seeking options on their Spiritual path.  Shamanism is the oldest form of Spiritual practice known to us, the model that all other Spiritual disciplines are based on and developed from.  What better way to explore your Soul path?  Shamanism is, first and foremost, a personal, individual philosophy.  The Irish School of Shamanic Studies is built on this understanding

We have a fervent belief that our Practitioner’s Courses will guide the apprentice Shamanic Practitioner into a new and magical world of connection to Spirit and offer an exciting new soul path and career in the Shamanic arts.

For more information and to book your place, contact us on 00 353 86 375 0250