Mission Statement

Our Mission:

The mission of the Irish School of Shamanic Studies is twofold.  Firstly, it is to highlight the beautiful rich culture and lineage of the Irish Shamanic Practitioner and secondly, to promote our birthright connection to Spirit and our sacred traditions on this island and beyond, in the 21st Century.

The Irish School of Shamanic Studies is a joint venture between one of Ireland’s foremost Shamanic Practitioners, Declan Quigley of Anam Nasca, Atlantis Holistic Centre, County Mayo and Atlantis Éire magazine.

We believe that our Irish Shamanic philosophies and traditions are as relevant today, if not more so, than ever they were.

This is a magically energetic land, full of ancient mysteries and Spiritual power and connection.  At the Irish School of Shamanic Studies, we feel that many people in the 21st Century have lost this connection.  We feel that as a society we have lost our focus in terms of our native and indigenous Spirituality, our native Shamanism.  We feel that it is our role to participate in the promotion and general awakening that is occurring in our world since 2012.

We feel that it is time that the Irish people and those further afield, re-establish their birthright connection to Spirit, this can only then have positive repercussion in our individual lives, our communities and our Country.  It is all our birthright to have that direct connection to Spirit, to be natural healers, to reap the benefits of togetherness and acceptance that is so rightfully ours.