12 months certified Shamanic Practitioner training.

Starts 27th February 2021 “Group 12”

Course starting times: 10.30am – 6pm.

Please click on image below to go to Irish School of Shamanic studies Facebook page.Comprehensive Shamanic practitioner training. This is Core Shamanism practitioner training and based on all the key principals of Shamanic practices. We endeavour to put as much Celtic and pre-Celtic Irish indigenous Shamanic content in to this training program as possible. We work with the land and a large portion of all Sundays will be spent outdoors connecting with the land and sacred sites in the area. We include fire ceremonies, vision quests and sacred rituals in to these days. This is a truly amazing, empowering journey. Please call with any queries. NO LARGE DEPOSITS REQUIRED. Food provided on all training weekends.Missed modules can be done on a one to one basis with teacher, or by joining another group for missed module to get you up to speed. Completed training, students receive a certificate as a Shamanic practitioner, supported by the Sacred Mountain Shamanic foundation. Maximum spaces twelve.

Early booking advised. A Non refundable – €100 payment for day one secures your place. Shamanic Teacher/practitioner: Aldo Jordan.

Here is some info regarding our 12 month Shamanic practitioner training program beginning on Saturday 27th February 2021, with the Irish school of Shamanic studies @Atlantis, Castlebar, Co Mayo.

This training is quite expansive with a wide variety of global Shamanic practices with our Irish / Celtic and pre-Celtic traditions leading the way.
As you can see from the schedule, we have a broad training with key Shamanic elements which include. Discovering your power animals and Spirit guides. Learning and practising the Shamanic journey / Shamanic trance. Family tree and ancestral healing, past lives healing, Soul retrieval, the Shamanic soul worker (psychopomp) Shamanic reiki from the brazilian Guarani tribe, working with geopathic stress energies and leylines, healing through sound and vibration, land and house healing, working with spirits of place and fairy energy, working closely each month with sacred sites such as, standing stones and stone circles, fairy forts, healing wells and sacred healing trees, ancient burial and ceremonial sites. 35% Of this training is done outdoors, each Sunday of the training, we head out to powerful ancient sites to heal ourselves, heal the sites, connect with our ancestors (etc) fire ceremonies are done on Sundays where we work closely with Mother earth, energies of the earth, portals and gateways, the sacred trees of Ireland etc…etc…. Transport to our Sunday training locations is usually done through car pooling within group members. Food is supplied for all training weekends. This is core Shamanic practitioner training, it is a step by step learning where every member starts the training at the bottom of the ladder, and through the months we climb and climb. It is truely enjoyable, refreshing, healing and transformative in every way.
The cost of Module 1 (February 27th) needs to be paid on booking the course. (€100) (Non-refundable)This can be paid over the phone by debit/credit card or through paypal. For module 2 and 3 we ask for a €50 advancement 2 weeks prior to training dates and the remainder to be paid on the weekend of the training. So essentially it is a pay as you go training with no large deposits required. At the end of the 12 months you will receive a certificate as a Shamanic practitioner and a certificate as an Ama deus Shamanic Reiki practitioner. Our training is supported by our Sacred Mountain Shamanic affiliation group, which is our life long membership support group for qualified Shamanic practitioners whom trained with us, this is a support network where we meet regularly and support each other. This course is transformative and indeed life changing. Our healing techniques are concise with no stone left unturned when it comes to our Shamanic practices. It works over many layers from one to one healing techniques, shamanic counselling techniques, land and house healing etc…etc…
A pre-payment of 100euro secures your place.
This payment can be made over the phone by debit/credit card or through paypal . Our paypal address is atlantiseire@gmail.com
We always advise to call us to gain further info and questions you may have.
The training takes place in the Atlantis centre, Linenhall street, Castlebar, Co Mayo. This is non-residential. We have a B&B that we partner with our training and the nightly cost of this location is €40. It is within a five minute walking distance of our centre. Our training groups fill quite fast, early booking is advised to secure your place. FOOD IS PROVIDED AT ALL TRAINING WEEKENDS.

FOUNDATION LEVEL. Module 1 – 27th February. Module 2 – 27th & 28th March. Module 3 – 24th & 25th April. Module 4 – 22nd & 23rd May.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL. Module 1 – 26th & 27th June. Module 2 – 24th & 25th July. Module 3 – 28th & 29th August. Module 4 – 25th & 26th September.

ADVANCED LEVEL. Module 1 – 23rd & 24th October. Module 2 – 20th & 21st November. Module 3 – 18th & 19th December. Module 4 – 22nd & 23rd January 2021.

Final day, reflection and certificate presentation day – 19th February 2022.

COST: Module 1 = €100. All other modules are €175.

Final day, reflection day, certificate day = €80. If for one reason or another there are dates in our schedule that may not suit, you can join another group to catch up on what you have missed or by joining your teacher on a one to one basis to cover what you have missed. This way no one falls behind.
I always advise a one to one phone conversation with myself or to visit me if you are within the Mayo area to give further details and for you to ask any questions about the program. Tel 086 3750 250.


@Atlantis, Holistic giftstore & Therapy centre, Linenhall street, Castlebar, Co Mayo. Eircode: F23 HY75.

Foundation Level Shamanic Practitioner’s Course €625.00. Intermediate level Shamanic Practitioner’s Course. €700. Advanced level Shamanic practitioners course. €700. Final day and 24th day of training is a re-cap day, questions and answers and reflection followed by certificate presentation ceremony. Cost €50. Total training cost – €2,075. Full Shamanic practitioner certificate awarded on completion. A part of the sacred mountain affiliation trust. Early booking is advised.

Please go to www.irishshamanschool.ie for more details. Facilitated by Shamanic practitioner & teacher Aldo Jordan . Call 086 3750 250 / 094 90 28630 for more details. Deposits are non-refundable . deposit amount is 100 euro to secure place. Prepaid amounts of money are also non-refundable, but may be refundable with some exceptions like illness and family bereavements. Typically monies paid would be transfered as credits to a future group when suitable for the individual to join.


Foundation Level
Intermediate Shamanic Practitioner's Course