Please go to our workshop events page to see our new online weekly Shamanic workshops & online training begining on May 13th.………….May 23rd 2020 date full 12 months Shamanic practitioner training is NOW FULLY BOOKED OUT! Please contact 086 3750 250 for details relating to our next practitioner training program. Please click on image below to go to Irish School of Shamanic studies Facebook page.May 23rd 2020 FULLY BOOKED! Due to the ongoing covid 19, we will not have new practitioner training dates available until late May 2020. Please call 086 3750 250 for more info. Our training program takes place @Atlantis holistic giftstore and therapy centre, Castlebar, Co Mayo. This is Core Shamanic training with a strong Irish / Celtic element. It is expansive and covers elements where no other Shamanic program covers. Along with all the elements core Shamanism covers, like Soul retrieval, past lives healing, ancestral / family tree healing, work of the Shamanic psychopomp, journey work, discovering our Spirit guides/power animals, understanding the Shamanic cosmology, healing techniques, working with saced Celtic trees, crystals, indigenous Shamanic tools. Fire ceremonies (etc) we go further to integrate areas like visiting and working with sacred sites and the energies associated with every training weekend. Geopathic stress. Brazilian Shamanic Reiki training integrated as a stand alone cert within the 12 month program. Healing through Sound and vibration, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, bells, shumann frequecies, gregorian (etc) The work of the Shamanic Psychopomp (Soul midwife, death worker) (etc) These are unique elements of this training program, that makes this Shamanic training program exceptionally broad ranging but powerful and quite simple. Training takes place on one weekend per month (Saturday & Sunday) for schedule requests, bookings and lots more info, please call 086 3750 250. No large deposits required. Module 1( one day training), €100 non-refundable deposit needs to be paid in advance on booking. This training program is in association with the sacred mountain affiliation group, this is our support group in which carries a life long support network and community for all our qualified students. Our training programs are highly sought after, limited spaces available, early booking advised to secure. This training program is facilitated by Shamanic practitioner / Teacher Aldo Jordan.

At the Irish School of Shamanic Studies, we believe that the ancient tradition of Irish Shamanism is one of the richest Shamanic cultures on our planet. At this time of global uncertainty and Spiritual malaise, we feel that the time has come, once again, for all peoples to explore and adopt our birthright in the ancient practices and philosophies of the Irish Shaman.

Our bodies, our communities and indeed our world, have become, ‘out of balance with the natural order’. This gives rise to personal illness, dysfunction and a lack of connection with our ever-present Spiritual allies. This is where the Shamanic Practitioner excels, providing healing, insight and balance. The Shamanic practitioner believes in the ‘path of direct revelation’, in other words, we connect with our Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angelic Helpers and Power Animals in an attempt to rectify imbalances and seek guidance and healing.

We have developed a centre of excellence in Shamanic practice at the Irish School of Shamanic Studies and wholeheartedly believe in fostering the Spiritual and practical skills of the Shamanic apprentice. Our Practitioner’s Courses offer a profound and comprehensive training in the ancient techniques of Shamanic Spiritual connection, divination and healing.

We have structured our Practitioner’s Course to facilitate, not only those who have certain knowledge of the Shamanic path, but also the complete novice. Our Practitioners training is structured into three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Shamanic Practice. Each level of the Practitioner’s course has four modules and will concentrate on the wisdom of the ancient Shamans, the powerful nature of their Spiritual connection, practical Shamanic skills and the place of the Shamanic Practitioner in the 21st Century world.

The quality of any Shamanic Practitioner is dependent on their connection to Spirit and this is achieved through the age-old technology of the ‘Shamanic Journey’, this is the central feature throughout all our Shamanic training. Also, we believe in providing training in the practical skills of the Shamanic Practitioner, including Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing and Shamanic Psychopomp work, amongst others, and fostering the Spiritual development and Soul path of the apprentice Shamanic Practitioner.
Our modules consist of core Shamanic practices like Soul retrieval, past lives healing, ancestral and family tree healing, the role of the Shamanic psychopomp( soul worker ) other aspects of our training – geopathic stress, healing through sound and vibration, working with sacred sites, elves, fairies, devas and their role, spirit guides and Angels and building our relationship with them (etc) a stand alone certificate in Shamanic reiki through the Guarani central Brazilian tribe (Ama Deus Reiki) and lots lots more. This is a comprehensive Shamanic practitioner training program and lots more within our training schedule than mentioned here. We operate under the heading of Irish/Celtic Shamanism but also work with Shamanism from south America, Mongolia, Australia, north America, Siberia (etc) please call 086 3750 250 for lots more info.


@Atlantis, Holistic giftstore & Therapy centre, Linenhall street, Castlebar, Co Mayo. Eircode: F23 HY75.

Foundation Level Shamanic Practitioner’s Course €625.00. Intermediate level Shamanic Practitioner’s Course. €700. Advanced level Shamanic practitioners course. €700. Final day and 24th day of training is a re-cap day, questions and answers and reflection followed by certificate presentation ceremony. Cost €50. Total training cost – €2,075. Full Shamanic practitioner certificate awarded on completion. A part of the sacred mountain affiliation trust. Early booking is advised.

Please go to for more details. Facilitated by Shamanic practitioner & teacher Aldo Jordan . Call 086 3750 250 / 094 90 28630 for more details. Deposits are non-refundable . deposit amount is 100 euro to secure place. Prepaid amounts of money are also non-refundable, but may be refundable with some exceptions like illness and family bereavements. Typically monies paid would be transfered as credits to a future group when suitable for the individual to join.


Foundation Level
Intermediate Shamanic Practitioner's Course